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New Journal [09| 05| 2007|08: 26 am]
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making plans and other shit like that. [09| 04| 2007|05: 05 pm]
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[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |"bombs bombs away" the sounds]

You know, I've seen the growing amount of Audrey Kitching's fan and I don't want to sound mean but have you noticed how many girls try to live up to her lifestyles. You know how Audrey is all 'hardcore metal'...yeah girls are now getting into the music and becoming metal heads. Also the population of her fans is growing and they seem to think like her.
I do have a viewpoint and I think Audrey is actually smart when it comes to life and wisdom.
Don't scream at me though, it will just back fire. I seem to read more of her entries like blogging and stuff and I seem to think to myself 'What the hell am i doing?!?' Let others run over you, I think not.
I think I am officially stepping my foot down and not giving a fuck what people think. Yes, I guess you can say I'm a fan of Audreys words of mouth which may not be the best medicine but hell, it works!
I need to work on my vulgar language, it hasn't drowned me yet so I am waiting on that time to come.
The Sounds are probably my new love. May be posting a video later of that since yeah I'm in love with Maja, the lead singer. Her hair style & color is awesome and is there anything else to say. Mmmm, I think not just listen to their damn music. You'll get hooked, I gurantee it! Me & Amy plan on making some vintage t-shirts so you are welcome to join us. We are going to make some awesome shirts with The Beatles, Motley Crue, and Iron Maiden on them. Of course now I badly want a 'The Sounds' shirt and also, anyone like Pink Floyd? I haven't listened to them but I may give them a chance.
Rock and Roll is eating me alive and I'm allowing it. Freedom of speech is the best and I am loving it.
Summer 2008. Plans are in order cause I'm wanting to go to Vegas.
Also Ariana & Harlie, love you two to death. I will tell you later where you will be buried. haha. Just kidding lovelies.
Much more coming soon, I'm thinking of doing some drawings of jewlrey I am thinking of designing. (serious, unlike other 'scene' people) I am not scene...I'm a person, individual, different, original...I'm Stacey Jean! :)

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too many screams [09| 03| 2007|01: 47 pm]
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[location |bedroom]
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |"everything we had" the academy is...]

no privacy is intended when millions are watching upon their plasma TV's waiting for his next move. next destination is written down on the web and millions run to the place before he is spotted and walked. this is too much of a difficult time. VMA's (i'm not attending), i do not plan on watching this year.
too much and screams from millions on his arrival with fake 'i love yous' 
can't handle that right now.

i will wait just a little longer.
(some know who this concerns and i hope you read this, others remain a secret and into the dark)

entries will now remain public.

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(no subject) [02| 28| 2007|12: 33 am]
[location |Bedroom.]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |"Outside Of You" Hilary Duff]

Okay, so I am going to start cutting down on adding people that won't really interact and keep in touch so if you don't really update that often or it takes you a month to actually update each time, I may not add you.
I may not add you also if:
a.) I don't really know you from any community/friend.
I will add you with exceptions of:
b.) If you are a friend of one of my current friends.
c.) If you found me on a community that I have joined.
d.) I may add you if you seem sweet & if your journal sounds interesting. =]

Don't Take This Serious! It's just how I am going to start doing things here.

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